14-03-06 Water Water Everywhere
The heavy snowfalls of the last few days miraculously missed Carradale, albeit by only a few miles, but it seems like it's been raining forever! The fields are water-logged, the river's in spate, and the sea was lashing the jetty as Torrisdale yesterday.

Carradale AFC's first match of the year against Lochgilphead last weekend was called off due to the snow and condition of the pitch. The forecast is for the weather to improve this weekend but whether it'll be ready in time for their match against Campbeltown we'll just have to wait and see.
[Torrisdale Jetty]

[Kintyre at War 1939-1945]On another subject entirely, Donald Kelly has emailed to ask if we can mention his new Book, 'Kintyre at War 1939-1945'. The Kintyre Antiquarian & Natural History Society have taken the unusual step of publishing it in electronic form, on a compact disc.

A number of Donald's articles on Kintyre at War have also been printed in The Antler in recent months.

It is available from several outlets in Campbeltown including Martin's Bookshop, The Old Bookshelf in Cross Street, and it is hoped that Woolworths will also be carrying it.

The eBook runs to some 440 pages and carries a price tag of 5 per copy. Click your mouse on the picture to view their full Press Release.

The latest addition to our menagerie, a hamster, almost didn't make it to 48 hours yesterday, after one of our intendant cats decided to knock its cage over and go after the occupant. Thankfully the escapee was found after a couple of hours, and not in the belly of one of the cats! Now safely incarcerated once more.

Despite the weather there are sure signs Spring is almost here with the arrival of the first lambs to the village this year. There's also a lot of avian activity and nest-building has started in earnest.

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