31-07-12 Sea Sunday Service
A report by Matthew Ramsay.

We had a Sea Sunday service on 15/07/12 at Saddell & Carradale Church. The service was conducted by myself with retiring offering given to Fishermen's Mission which amounted to 161.50, not bad from under 60 people.

We sang the old Sankey Hymns, which are great favourites of our old fishermen, and concluded with the "Mission" hymn Eternal Father strong to save.

Archie Paterson , who is the oldest retired fishing skipper in the village, celebrated his 87th birthday the day before, is still singing in the church choir every Sunday. He is pictured with me in front of the communion Table, which was decorated with the Mission Cloth and a model of the ring net fishing boat made by myself the "Sunshine CN76 " This was the first fishing boat I worked on at 15 years of age. The Mission flag was on the wall behind the table also shown were various fridge magnets, crabs and lobsters.The sermon was on the theme of Jesus walking on the water. The comments were favourable and enjoyed by all who attended.The jubilee issue of "Network" was made available to everyone who wanted a copy.

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