31-01-08 Battening Down the Hatches
Carradale, and much of the rest of coastal Britain, is being battered by strong winds and wintry weather today.

Throughout the day we've been having flurries of snow and sharp falls of hail, accompanied by very strong winds.

From looking at the Ship Plotter its clear to see that very little is moving out in the Kilbrannan Sound and Firth of Clyde. At I type this I can see the cargo vessel Fingal finally making it into the safety of Campbeltown Harbour, having laboured across the Firth of Clyde and around Arran, but European Mariner seems content to continue steaming up and down the east side of Arran. Throughout the day the webcam has been showing big waves crashing into Carradale Point.

The power has failed several times during the day but never lasting more than a second or so - long enough to reboot the PCs though! Those of us with our own generators will no doubt be contemplating firing them up later this evening, should the power go out for any length of time.

The road north from Carradale is currently closed at Brackley by a fallen tree, power is out in Saddell and Carradale House was also without power for several hours this afternoon. There's no sign of the wind dropping so it looks like we're in for a wild night.

Anticipating more power cuts we've brought our generator out of the shed and got it ready in case we need to fire it up later.

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