30-09-13 Mobile Phone Chargers
Beware of the fakes out there.

September 21st was an exciting day for us both and the rest of the family.It was our youngest grandaughters 1st birthday.We arrived at my daughter Michelles home in Campbeltown to a shocked daughter holding the baby.

Five minutes before we arrived she had plugged in her newly arrived charger bought from E-Bay to charge her I PHONE.

Minutes later as she was walking past it there was a almighty bang and flashes as it exploded.God only knows how she did not drop the baby.

So a warning to all out there,this charger was for a Iphone but there could be the same problem for others.

In the photo you can see the plug lying on the floor with the pins still stuck in the scorched sockets and the scorched marks on the lino floor.

[The Carradale Goat]

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