30-09-05 Time for a Party
Saturday night is Party Night in The Glen Bar this weekend, 1 October 2005, with free food and music by Jamie G.

Meanwhile the weathermen seem to have got it right for a change when they predicted that Kintyre's weather would be getting warmer but wetter today. Walking down to the beach with the dog this morning we were being bathed by a very warm southerly wind.

The wetter weather is pleasing the anglers though and several decent trout and salmon have been taken out of the river this week.

And speaking of fishes, this old photo shows 'Tait' Rennie at Carradale in the 1950s with a Basking Shark (2nd largest fish in the sea). For some years there was a shark processing factory at Carradale, extracting the valuable oil from these harmless and poorly-understood fish.
[Tait Rennie]

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