30-08-16 EKCC Meeting
Next meeting 8th September 7pm in Peninver Village Hall.

Meeting held in Carradale Village Hall
7th July 2016


Stuart Irvine(SI)(Convenor), Eleanor Sloan (ES)(Secretary), Robert Strang (RS), Ronnie Brownie(RB), Bill Bidmead(BB) Morag Adams(MA) Charles Mcmillan(CM), Ian Brodie(IB)

In attendance –
Robin Currie (RC), PC Harper (PH)
10 Members of the public (MoP)

1. Welcome
At 7pm – Stuart Irvine welcomed attendees and started the meeting.

2. Apologies
Apologies from – Anne Horn

3. Minutes of last meeting – 2/6/16
Minutes proposed by RS, seconded by RB

4. Matters arising 2/6/16
Dog waste bins – are due to arrive and be put in situ – all relevant land owners support this project.

5. Treasurers report
Due to a changeover of Treasurers still ongoing – there was no report available this month.

6. Community buy out of local shop
A very well attended public meeting was held earlier this evening, and the decision to support a community buyout (if it became necessary) was unanimous. A steering group was formed and they will be taking the process forward.

7. Roads – Nicholsons brae
SI stated that since the rhododendrons have been cut down at Nicholsons Brae there may be an issue for drivers at that corner and he suggested chevrons be put in place to inform drivers of an upcoming corner. It was generally felt that drivers should be aware of the road layout without the need for signs and they should be driving in a responsible manner – a majority agreed not to go forward with the chevron idea

8. Brendan O’Hara
SI had been corresponding with Brendan O’Hara to arrange a visit to Carradale – it is hoped this will happen soon

9. Planning
An application has been presented from Torrisdale Castle .
“Alterations and change of use of self-catering cottage to gin distillery visitor centre, staff/visitor accommodation/offices and alterations and change of use of disused farm buildings to gin distillery and associated storage”
No objections.

10. SEPA
SI received a letter from SEPA saying they received his letter and had also received many other letters from members of the community. They have met with Mr Oman and have had discussions with him about the removal of waste materials for appropriate disposal and the implementation of this is their priority for now. They have passed on the concerns raised over the disposal of plastic bags over the harbour wall to Argyll and Bute council.
Brian Gee said that Dougie Lamont (ABC) told him that a piece of machinery that has caused concern was to be moved by end of June and it still hasn’t been removed – Brian said ABC have not replied to his queries regarding this.
11. First responder scheme
There have been 10 – 15 applications from 1st responder volunteers- they will all be getting letters soon to take this forward.

12. Harbour users group
Carradale canter is to take place on 10/7/16

13. Brackley grass cutting
Brackley grass has been cut – but the paths have not
SI to chase up the grasscrete that was to be laid at the cemetery and the fencing that was agreed to done by ABC –
Action – SI to chase up with ABC

14. AOCB

• Adain Kiell – route manager of the Kintyre Way was asking for EKCC to support a planning application for walker shelters in east Kintyre, all agreed.
• The beach clean was awarded £210 this will be put towards a donation to the Glasgow Human Society.
• ES asked if anyone had an update on the suggestion of community Payback – no one did RC agreed to chase it up
Action – RC to action
• RS said the verges on the B842 northwards are a concern – RC to pass this on
Action – RC to action
• It was reported that Shore road is full of potholes – RC to pass on
Action – RC to action
• BB report that there is a lot of dog waste being dumped near Abbeyfield
• The promised road signage changes from ABC have still not happened. RC to chase up
Action – RC to action
• BB commented on the unfinished Carradale sign at the North of the village – Alan Milstead assured us that this will be amended
• Update on the sewage smell at Port Righ – Scottish water have been in touch and the smell seems to have gone.

15. Date of next meeting
7pm – 8/9/2016

At Peninver Village Hall

Stuart closed the meeting at 7.30pm and thanked everyone for attending.

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