30-08-09 Memorial Garden Weeds
Pictures taken in July of the garden badly needing some work done to it,overgrown with weeds and damaged paving slabs.

Since Geoff (whom did most of the work in setting up the garden) and Mary Page retired from attending to garden behind the war memorial it has fell in to a state of disrepair.

Both of them spent many hours arranging and planting shrubs and flowers which looked very nice at one time.Someone did offer to attend to it, but that seems to have fell through.

Driving past it the other day David and Lyndsey Mercer were doing their wee bit for the community clearing out the weeds.

On speaking to Davie he and Lyndsay have offered to tidy it up over the next few months in time for the Rememberance Day service.Anyone with a bit of spare time are welcome to go and help put.

I shall post pics again when it is restored to its former glory.

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