29-11-04 Revving-up in the sunshine
On Saturday night in The Glen there was a party for St Andrew's Night. The neeps and tatties were served up along with plenty of drink. A good turn-out of locals and visitors meant the evening went very well, plus great music playing in the restaurant.

After the party Sunday dawned dry and sunny. Perfect weather for getting the motorbikes out of the shed and giving them a run!

I've two motorbikes - a 1981 Suzuki Katana (750cc) and a 1998 Suzuki Bandit (600cc). The Katana is something of a beast to ride - very fast and surprisingly forgiving of mistakes. The Bandit is more of a knocking-about bike, ideally suited to the rough roads around Carradale and before that on Mull.

I headed south towards Campbeltown first but was driven back by the blindingly low sun, so instead headed off north through Grogport and on to Skipness where I realised I was running low on petrol. I had the choice of pressing on to Tarbert and hoping to find somewhere open or returning to Carradale and filling-up from Semple's during the week. I chose the latter as I wasn't sure I'd have enough to get home if the petrol station in Tarbert were shut.

With the Katana suitable exercised I swapped over to the Bandit and gave it a good run out too. The sun was higher by now so I could head south past Torrisdale, Saddel and on to Peninver before turning back for home.

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