29-09-07 Carradale Sometimes Rhymes
[Carradale Sometimes Rhymes]A new little book of poems is just out entitled 'Carradale sometimes Rhymes'.

Compiled by Chris Mears, you can buy it in the local shops or direct.

Containing more than twenty poems, old and new, 'Carradale Sometimes Rhymes' is a delightful little book and costs the modest price of only 2.

Following on from our earlier piece about this week's Harvest Moon, someone has asked what the bright star is that can be seen in the eastern skies at the moment.

Well, it's not a star but is actually the planet Venus, and very bright it is, too.

If you look carefully you might also be able to spot Saturn below and a little to the right of it, although it's much less prominent.

Kintyre is a fabulous place for star gazing owing to there being very little light pollution, compared to many other parts of the UK. On a clear, dark night the starscape can be little short of breath-taking.

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