29-07-08 Butting Heads
The Antler seemed to be having a bit of a dig at one or two groups in this month's edition.

A slightly cryptic comment about the football team not wanting match reports published in The Antler was followed up by what seemed to be the suggestion of financial irregularities.

Having been approached by members of the football team I understand the reason they hadn't asked East Kintyre Windfarm Trust for their grant cheque was quite simple: They didn't know how much to ask for until they had received a settlement from their insurance company, which they have now done.

It also has a well-deserved pop at Argyll & Bute Council who have been trumpeting about "Better bus services in Kintyre". The Antler points out that all bar a tiny stretch of the new service is in fact outwith the Kintyre area.

The geographically-challenged council representative turned to a 'local historian' in order to try to justify what is quite clearly a goof by their Press & PR department. Why can't these people ever admit to making a mistake?
[The Antler, Carradale]

Also raising hackles is the 'Mystery Dog Walker' whose hound has been leaving little parcels of unpleasantness in the immediate environs of the village hall, principly on rainy days.

Digressing slightly, the editor of this publication would like to draw people's attention to the dog waste bins installed and serviced along Sally's Walk, and invite volunteers to take over this less than demanding task on the occasion of his leaving the village in a few months time.

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