29-05-05 Make and Mend Day
I've spent a happy half-hour correcting a few spelling and grammatical errors that have cropped-up on the website. Things like Kilbrennan when it should have read Kilbrannan, etc. If anyone spots any I've missed then let me know by email.

The house didn't burn down in the night so I think we can confidently say the electricity company fixed the problem with the wiring, although I still need to trace back the wiring and disconnect the now safe but redundant cabling.

Whilst trawling through the WWW I came across a very nice satellite image of Northern Ireland and Scotland. It's too big to show here in its entirety so I've clipped a small section of it and it should be showing to the right of this text. One thing that should be apparent is just how close the southern end of Kintyre is to Ireland.

If you click on the image you'll see it again but enlarged. Can anyone see their house?

I'll keep searching for other photos, both aerial and otherwise, of the area.
[Satellite Photo]

p.s. (7:00pm) What a nice day today has been, after yesterday's miserable weather. The sun has shone, the sky has been blue, and even the sea has been fairly calm. We had a bit of a BBQ in the garden and later went to play with pneumatic rockets on the beach. Anyone comparing yesterday with today would have been forgiven for thinking they were two completely different places!

p.p.s. (11:00pm) It's funny but strange, yet quite nice really, when a complete stranger asks you across the bar 'Are you The Goat?'. It seems this website is starting to get a little bit known about, which shouldn't really come as too much of a surprise given the amount of email we receive.

I suppose to clarify things it's the website that is The Carradale Goat, in the same way that the Daily Express is not a person but a newspaper but as I'm the only columnist and Editor I suppose the monicker comes with the territory.

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