28-09-06 Dolphin Surprise
[Dolphins by Carradale Harbour]Down at the harbour this afternoon we were delighted to see a pod of dolphins pass just outside the harbour.

There appeared to be at least eight and I only had time to snap-off a couple of photos before they had gone by. From what I could see I'd say they were Bottlenosed Dolphins.
[One of the Carradale Fishing Fleet Returning to Harbour - CN6]
Hot on the heels of the Visitors Guestbook, we've just added a brand new feature: The What's On Calendar.

The idea behind this is to provide a quick and easy way of finding out what is happening in Carradale and the immediate area, so if you know of san event that's coming up then drop us an Email or leave a Guestbook Entry and we'll make sure it's included.

And finally, has anyone seen or come across a blue aluminium punt? It went missing from Port na Cuile a few days ago during strong winds and may well have sunk, but if you've spotted it washed up anywhere then please contact Stuart on Carradale 431706.

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