28-09-05 More Old Photos
I've put a bunch of 'new' old photos of Carradale and the surrounding area into the Bygone Pictures section.

There's a great picture showing the harbour in the 1980s, packed with fishing boats. This one was submitted to the Geograph website by JD but I think LP has the original.

One picture shows the view from the end of the old pier and looking back at the harbour - this was a postcard advertised for sale on eBay and sold for an incredible 13.50. Too dear for me, I might add.

There's also a great view of the harbour from the end of the Shore Road showing a steamer alongside the pier.
[Carradale Pier]
Carradale has a thriving Camera Club who recently had an evening discussing the pros and cons of digital photography, and some of the tools available to computerised photographers. JD mentioned he uses a package called Picasa for managing his digital photos. This is a free package and can be downloaded from the Picasa Website.

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