28-08-11 And Whilst On The Subject Of Roads
Our own road squad at Toshs Park repairing again.

Its terrible this day and age when you have to do and pay for materials to patch your only access route to your home.

Toshs Park or Forestry Houses as it was once know has a 12 houses,9 now bought and three council,but the problem is no one will take responsibilty of the road (forestry or local council) hence never adopted.It has had temp repairs done over the years by myself and one or two others,but the last winter took its toll and it got that bad that 9 of us residents chipped in hundreds of pounds to pay for materials to save it.This is the second major patching being done with further more ongoing as it continues to break up.

The Toshs road squad are ganger Jim mcAlister,Robert Strang,John McDougall,Iain Morrison,Tom Lee,David Hobson and the photographer(myself) Johnny Durnan.Thanks also to Steve our supply and delivery driver and also Jims son Iain for his effort in doing an excellent job of clearing out the overgrown ditch alongside the road (Jim also).The other two fund contributors are Nicol Strang and Willie Shaw.

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[The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat]
A grand job, well done!!!

Catriona Connelly

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