28-08-07 Kickin up a Storm
This weekend sees Carradale AFC and supporters travelling over to the Isle of Arran for the first leg of the Kilbrannan Quaich, playing Northend Thistle who hit the headlines this week in the national press, including a passing reference to Carradale.

At their last match, against fellow Arran side Shiskine, there was a problem with the timekeeping resulting in an additional 12 minutes being added to the match for stoppages. It seems the ref was relying upon his mobile phone to serve the job of a stop-watch.

Anyhow, the additional 12 minutes were enough for their opponents to claw their way back from a 7:5 loss to a 7:7 draw.

According to reports in both The Times and The Sun, Northend Thistle haven't won a league match in fifteen years so you can understand their chagrin at being denied a long-awaited victory.
[Northend Thistle vs Carradale AFC]
[Apologies for the photo - it's The Times's not mine!]

Regardless of their prowess on the pitch, I don't think there's many people would disagree when I say they're World Class Champions when it comes to hospitality, and we're all looking forward to coming across to Lochranza on Saturday.

Tonight's full moon is known as the Wyrt Moon in some Circles and hopefully the cloud cover will lift to allow us a good view of it before next month's Harvest Moon.

It's also good to see the village priest, Johnnie Vischer, back on his feet after his recent illness.

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