28-05-09 Quiz Night Results
Winners of the 28th May quiz night were for the fourth week in a row the team of David Currie snr. Well done.
It was a close quiz this week with all teams scoring in the forties.

The full results were as follows:
[Quiz Night at The Glen Bar, Carradale]Team Name and Team LeaderScorePlacing
3 Stoodgies+Hamish--David Currie51.51st
We Are Just In Love--Joanne Paterson492nd
Yorkshire Gimmers and Wee Andy--Keith Marchbank47.53rd
Us At The Table--David Hobson46.54th
Satun Sunbeams--John Wills465th

Next week's quiz will be at the same time, same place: 9pm in The Glen Bar, Thursday.
What is printed is what I receive from the Quizmaster.

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