28-05-05 Fun on the Beach
The RNLI Beach Fun Day was cancelled today due to the weather which remains wet and blustery. Hopefully it'll be re-arranged for another weekend soon.

When we arrived down at the beach the only people to be seen were a pair of hardy guys who were taking advantage of the rough sea to do a bit of kite-surfing.

For anyone who's unfamiliar with the term kite-surfing involves the use of a large kite to provide a tow to the person on the surf board. It looks a lot of fun but I think I'll stick to boats for the time being.

On another subject we had the electricity company out today to look at a problem with our supply. It turns out there was a live wire that had burned right through and was shorting-out part of the system. Scary to think it could easily have set the house on fire, not to mention the risk of electrocution.
[Kite Surfing at Carradale]

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