28-03-13 Girls Night Out Glasgow
Bumped into this quartet in the Bobar,Byres Road tonight.

Heard my name being called as I entered the Bobar Bar with my wife,three of my childhood neighbours from Campbeltown and one Carradale face, i must be getting old as I did not recognise them (did not have my specs on ladies).
Firstly,Dierdre Campbell daughter of the late Colin and Alaine from Carradale,then Maureen Finn niece of the late Janette McDougall,parents Cecil and Shirley,Alison Johnston her father a fisherman also and mother Ria and lastly Jane McMillan,parents Charlie and Jen Mcmillan (Volvo engineer).
Hope you all had a good night,it was a wee bit loud for a chat and past our bed time so we had to leave,catch you all next time in a quieter location ...LOL.

From left to right Jane,Dierdre,Maureen and Alison

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