27-11-05 Football Results
[Carradale AFC]Football Results: The 'Old Crocks' beat the 'Young Uns' by six goals to three yesterday, up at the Wellpark field in Carradale. There was a bitter north wind that cut through players and spectators alike. Post-match recovery took place in the Carradale Hotel's Cruban Bar for a change.

Down in Campbeltown I see that a great section of the concrete rendering on the wall of the new swimming pool has fallen off, presumably as a result of the recent weather. Doesn't bode well for the standard of contruction of the place.

From: WitchNettle
Date: 27 Nov 2005
Subject: Grand Theft at Deucheran Hill

I thought you should see this picture of a very suspicious looking man seen stealing one of the windmills from the Deucheran windfarm. I thought the Editor of the Goat should be kept fully informed of these outrageous goings on, I ask you is nothing safe these days!

(see photo)
[Deucheran Hill]

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