27-10-10 Album Preview
By Carradale born musician Lorne McDougall.

Hi folks!... I've just finished recording my first album all to myself, and it has a lot of Kintyre connections on it. There are at least 12 tunes on it with local links and a few of the musicians are from around the area also.

You can hear clips from the album on my website,click name LORNE McDOUGALL MUSIC and there is a full track being played tonight on Mary Anne Kennedy's Global Gathering on Radio Scotland sometime between 8 and 10 pm!

It's not released until 1st November, but there could be copies around mid-October so you can pre-order either from my own site or Greentrax to get immediate dispatch when they come through!

For anyone living locally they can purchase copies of the CD from the Cruban Bar, Carradale at 10 a go.

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