27-09-15 EKCC Minutes Sept 2015
Next meeting 1 October 2015.

East Kintyre Community Council

Meeting held in Carradale Village Hall 3rd September 2015


Eleanor Sloan (ES)(Secretary), Robert Strang (RS), Ronnie Brownie(RB), Bill Bidmead, David Prag

In attendance –
Andy Malkin SSE & 2 colleagues
11 Members of the public (MoP)

1. Welcome and apologies -
Eleanor Sloan was Acting Convenor at this meeting
At 7pm – Eleanor Sloan welcomed attendees and started the meeting.
Apologies from - Anne Horn, Robin Currie, Stuart Irvine, PC Nick Harper

2. Minutes of last meeting – 2/7/15 (no meeting in August)
Proposed by Robert Strang, seconded by Ronnie Brownie

3. Matters arising

4. SSE update from Andy Malkin
The submarine works are ongoing, and it is expected to commence with placing the covering rock on the sea bed in September 2015.
The cables (sea and land) are expected to be connected by end of Sept.
The switch over from the old system to the new will be taking place in October and this will happen in the middle of the night to cause as few disruptions as possible.
The ground works will begin soon to reinstate the landscape around the works.
It is expected for all this work to be completed by Christmas 2015.
Julian Green ABC is working with SSE in preparation for SSE relinquishing their share of the B842 repair work.
SSE have been working on this project and have been here for 27 months and there has been Ύ million hours of work gone into the construction of the substation.
Very soon, the workforce will diminish substantially and Andy said that if there are any more community projects needing SSE support – they should be identified and he should be contacted asap.
A question – what will happen to old pylons? Answer – they will be felled and scrapped.
A question – will the underwater rocks catch on trawler net? Answer – it is not recommended to trawl over the rocks.
Thanks were given to SSE from EKCC for all the works they have undertaken in our community.

5. Treasurers report
Elizabeth was not present – so no update.
However Stuart Irvine asked ES to alert the EKCC that the Wind Farm Trust monies had been paid into the EKCC bank account by ABC and not the EKWFT bank account by mistake – this resulted in a large amount of money arriving and then leaving the EKCC bank account, In the interests of transparency it was decided to note this at this meeting.

6. Approval of Accounts of the EKCCWFT
The accounts for East Kintyre Community Council Wind Farm Trust 2014 – 2015 were circulated and approved – proposed by Eleanor Sloan and seconded by Ronnie Brownie.

7. Elections in October
The room was reminded that the closing date for nominations for election to the EKCC is the 4/9/15.

8. WW1 exhibition
ES reminded everyone that the Battle of Loos Exhibition in the Victoria Hall will be on 26/9/15, beating the retreat is 23/9/15, WW1 roadshow is 25th and 26/9/15. Posters are up in all the usual spots round the village.

9. Roads signs –
ES fedback some information from Stuart Irvine –
In principle everything we have asked for has been agreed
Signs are being made – 20mphs for Shore Road, Portrigh Road, Waterfoot
30mph will be moved up Dippen Hill.
Brush cutting will commence on Dippen Hill
The moving of the signs from the Network centre and at the village school has not yet been approved – but there has been the suggestion of extending the footpath through the woods at the wee bridge and out into the school playground – to ensure safe walking off the main road.

10. Pavillion Public Toilet
RS reported that Cheryl has found a baby changing table for £190 – it was agreed to ask Stuart to arrange this with RS.
Action – SI and RS to move this forward.

11. Repairs to play park
SI reported that the seesaw has been fixed and a few posts around the park have nails poking out. RS said that this has been sorted.

12. Planning
No relevant planning applications this month

13. Composting site
105 signatures were collected in support of the green composting site – so Network Carradale Limited are going ahead with discussions with FCS to buy the land needed.

14. ACHA repairs
SI told ES that he is in constant contact with ACHA over the ongoing repairs and that if anyone has any concerns to contact him. Johnny Durnan – said that the work on the houses at Toshs Park are going very slowly. It was agreed to ask SI to pass on that the work was slow and ACHA unresponsive to homeowners request for information
Action – SI to contact ACHA

15. Cemetery
SI told ES that he has phoned and emailed and is getting no reply to his requests for an update on the situation at the cemetery – It was reported that the gate is low on its hinges and will need to be fixed. It was agreed to ask SI to write an email to ALL councillors regarding this and demand a response
Action – SI to email all councillors re this issue

16. Web site
David Prag told us that website is 80% complete – some information needs to be readjusted and he is needing photos and contact details from all Community Councillors.
Action – All councillors to contact David with missing info

17. Volunteer 1st Responder Team – Dr Elder
Dr Elder first looked into this a few years ago and although there was interest initially – the numbers needed were not high enough. So he has decided to look into possibly reviving the idea – there has been a great response and there are over 20 people interested in this –

The ambulance service will offer basic training and equipment
It has been decided to seek funding for this through the ambulance service and the NHS.
Fire brigade and the Coastguard are happy to be involved, and both carry 1st aid equipment in their vehicles.
This service would not be appropriate for trauma or crime scene incidents
Scottish ambulance website has a lot of information re 1st Responders
It would work on a rota system, similar to the fire service.

Moving this forward –
Dr Elder is still waiting to hear back from the Ambulance service and he will then arrange a meeting for those who have already registered interest.
If you are interested in getting involved – please contact Dr Elder.

18. Ronachan Project
As this project is on the west of Kintyre it was not thought that it would affect us.

19. AOCB
• Grass cutting and tyre damage – On the grass outside the Tormhor Houses – a lorry delivering scaffolding has driven on the grass and it is all churned up – this area of grass is mown by local residents who are feeling very unhappy by this lack of respect – ES agreed to contact ACHA and ask them to put this right.
ES to email ACHA
• ES to contact Alan Milstead for a “welcome to village” sign update – as the signs are now falling down
Action – ES to email Alan Milstead
• Kate Trott said that there is a training/info day in Lochgilphead on renewables 9/9/15 and asked if anyone would be interested in attending with her – she has booked two places – contact Kate on 431115
• Joy Bidmead told us that from 30/11/15 Abbeyfield will be closing – this was not a decision taken lightly and everyone is very sad – however all the residents have homes to go to and the board of Trustees are welcoming any ideas for use of the building, at the moment it still has to be used for residential purposes – if you are interested – please contact Tony Leighton. Unfortunately 5 jobs will be lost.
• ES read out a thank you card from Home-start MAJIK – for the beach clean donation of £180 and it assured us that the money will be used to support local families and children.
• ES read out a letter that had been sent to her about “help to adapt” – this contained information regarding help to manage your finances to help you live independently for longer. ES passed out some leaflets to the room.

20. Date of next meeting

7pm – 1/10/15

Eleanor closed the meeting at 8.04pm and thanked everyone for attending.

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