27-08-11 B8001 Stretches Resurfaced
Needing plenty more done before winter strikes again.

Its great to see a smooth bit of road again,but lots more are needed urgently.We are all getting a bit fed up with the continued pounding our vehicles are getting with the state of the roads.There are many parts of the B842 from Campbeltown to Carradale needing attention and more so Carradale north on the single track route with very bad road surfaces at Sunadale,Crossaig and Escairt.Quite a few holidaymakers have commented on the state of the road especially the motorhomes and caravanners and like myself one of them it is appalling to drive on.Just back from a few days at Fort William caravanning, the roads from Lochgilphead north seem to get more preference than Kintyre.Miles and miles of road surfacing done from there north and the cycle routes are out of this world.The B8001 stretches repaired from Spion Kop to Glenreasdell.

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