27-08-05 No Water Shortage Now
Another dreary and damp day her on the east coast of Kintyre. For anyone holidaying in Carradale this last week the weather must have been a bit of a disappointment. We have had some warm and sunny spells but you really don't know what the weather is going to do from one day to the next, or even one hour to the next. We even had some hail yesterday!
Meanwhile a nice man came from BT and converted our ISDN lines to ADSL so we're now on broadband.
Two websites that are becoming popular with broadband users are earth.google.com and moon.google.com. The latter has a surprise in store if you zoom-in as far as it will go...
There's a bit of confusion about what you need to do in order to get broadband connected to your home. If you already have a BT telephone line into your home or business then chances are an engineer *won't* need to actually visit your premises and all the work can all be done at the exchange.

You might have a problem if your line is shared with another, known as DACS, as these lines can't be broadband enabled and BT will have to lay a new cable if there isn't a spare wire available at your pole. In rural areas such as ours there is often a shortage of available wiring and so the incidence of DAX's lines is higher than in other parts of the country.

Another reason an engineer may have to call is if the line you want converting isn't an ordinary phone line, like our ISDN lines. In this case he'll have to call in order to fit a new wall box.

Other than that it's a straightforward job. You just ring BT and order the ADSL conversion, then decide who to use for your internet connection. There are so many suppliers now that it'd be impossible for us to list them so we'd strongly recommend you spend some time browing The ADSL Guide and Broadband Help where you'll find a wealth of information, reviews, and comparisons..

There's no football match for Carradale AFC this week but it's training as usual, especially as next weekend's match is away to Southend AFC. Carradale soundly beat Southend when they came here so no doubt they'll be looking for a win on their home pitch.
And finally, it seems Carradale's herd of feral goats have been taking their summer holidays up around Grogport this year. Reports have come in of them having been seen up the coast and have even been sneaking into gardens for a fragrant snack.

No doubt they'll come home again soon enough.

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