27-06-10 The Owner Of These Will Not Be Happy Today
[The Carradale Goat]Will they still be flying tomorrow (Monday)?

Date: 29 June 2010
Subject: Re: 27-06-10 The Owner Of These Will Not Be Happy Today

Well, actually, one of them is still flying but only because I haven't got round to going on the roof to take it down. You are correct in that the owner was not a happy man on Sunday afternoon but, having seen the writing on the wall three matches earlier, he wasn't exactly surprised either.
But I've no doubt they will be back in four years, if I'm still around to raise them, whereas the real question is - Will there be any saltires on view at that time?

Brian Gee
[Not being a football fan I'm sure they will be back and will we see the saltires flying alongside :). JD]


Many happy returns to AMY who will be forty today and will be walking on her challenge some where north of Fort William.

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