27-06-09 Over 70 Years Service
Morag, Valerie and Lillian call it a day and thanks also to the young probationer Lynn.

I think Carradale can applaud the service that these three ladies have given to the school for the past 70 odd years between them.Morag (Mrs Allan)30 years,Valerie (Mrs Connely) 21 years and Lillian (Mrs McDougall) 20 years give or take one.
Their dedication to teaching the pupils has been 100 percent and they will be missed by many.Going with my own grandaughters recent school reports from Largs I can say that is a great thanks to them in their early years at Carradale.
MS Lynn Galbraith,Mrs Morag Allan, Mrs Lillian McDougall,Mrs Valerie Conley
[The Carradale Goat]A small poem from Morag and Valerie

The years have passed so quickly, it seems like yesterday
We started out on our career – so now, what can we say?
We welcomed them in Primary one
And hopefully they had some fun.
We watched them grow throughout the school
To learn and laugh was the basic rule!
By then end of P7 our job was done
And most were delighted to ‘cut and run’ –
To secondary school for yet more learning
A necessary evil on the way to earning!
Some stayed here and made their home
Having children of their own –
And there our story starts again
As we welcomed them to Primary one!
We’ve loved them all in our own way, and all that’s left is for us to say
To all you parents – ‘Thank you’ - for lending us your children
To help shape and mould into men and women
Who are ready to take their place in society,
A responsibility not taken lightly.
We’ve seen them come, we’ve watched them go,
Made many a friend, hopefully no foe!
Again we say many thanks to you all –
It’s time for us – to at least try – to have a ball!

A letter of thanks from Lynn
I would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to all staff, parents and members of the community for their support and encouragement over the last year. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed my year teaching at Carradale Primary School and I am very saddened that it has come to an end.
Finally, to all the pupils, an even BIGGER thank you for making my year enjoyable – you have all been wonderful to teach and I wish you all the best for the years to come.

Miss Lynn Galbraith

And finally a few words from Lillian who would like to express her thanks everyone.I may add, she was a woman who may have started work at the school as a janitor, but over the years she wore many hats within the school helping out in all ways and was well liked by all the children.

We wish you all a relaxing retirement.

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