27-06-06 Putting a Roof on Our World
[Roof Trusses]We've got the builders in at the moment, sorting out repairs to the roof of our house. It was built in 1890 and doesn't appear to have received much by way of maintenance in the last forty years or so.

That being said they've had a good look at it, inside and out, and declared it sound. They certainly knew how to build in those days.

There's no sign of any work being needed on the roof trusses or joists, and once the new leadwork is down and rotten sarking replaced we can look forward to no more drips every time it rains.
[Roof Trusses]

You might have read Ann's comment to the website in yesterday's entry.
Ann also included a number of photographs taken this trip which I'm pleased to be able to share with you.
[Seals at Carradale][Seals at Carradale]
These first two show some of the seals that frequent the shores by Carradale.
[Carradale Goats][Carradale Goats]
The next two show a group of Carradale's feral goat herd.
[Weasel by the beach][Weasel by the beach]
Last, but no least, these pictures show a weasel. Ann continues by saying that she thinks the weasel was moving its young
as it made five journeys, each with a little one, right past their caravan. Quite a sight.

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