27-05-07 BBQ Bonanza
Yesterday's BBQ on the beach raised a splendid total of 115 which will be used to buy equipment to go out to the Mthunzi Centre in Zambia next month.

A brief shower at lunchtime had us worrying but in fact the rest of the afternoon was sunny and warm, with visitors and residents alike coming along to enjoy a nice burger al-fresco, and have 'Madame Tza-Tza' reveal their future in the cards. Even Carradale's fral goats put in an appearance!

Many thanks to everyone who helped with this and contributed to the cause. It's much appreciated.
[The Chef][Carradales Goats]
[Mthunzi Centre, Zambia]
[The weather held out for us][The Usual Suspects?][The Mysterious Madame Tza-Tza]

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