27-04-09 Carradale Primary Turns 21
[The Carradale Goat]School 21st birthday party.

To all past pupils and staff of Carradale Primary School. We are having a 21st birthday party for the school to celebrate its 21st Birthday. In January 1988 Carradale Primary School was opened and at our party there will be old photos and it will be an opportunity to catch up with old class mates. The party will be on Saturday 30th May 6pm-8pm. There will be food, music, displays of work and entertainment at the party.
Please come along.

Eco Action Day Report

If you were looking for a place to paint, build and garden you should have been at Carradale Primary Schools Eco Action Day on Wednesday 25th March.

It look us a long time to organise it because we had to raise money to buy a lovely big bench and paints for the murals. We had to write letters to jewsons and the garden shop. We made some fabulous posters to go up around the village, which told the village about the Eco Action Day and when it was. We also mentioned it in the February Eco Leaflet.

I hope everybody enjoyed themselves because I know I did. We had to paint six murals. Four of which had The Very Hungry Caterpillar painted on them. One of them had the Caterpillar on it, another had some food, another had fruit with numbers beside the fruit and the last one had a huge butterfly on it. One of the other two had everybody's name on it with their hand print beside their name and on the last one in giant writing it said Carradale Eco Garden with pictures of trees, flowers and apples. We weren't the only ones having a fun time as the birds will be as well because some of us made bird cake.

Lots of people turned up to help on the day. There were 14 adults helping. They included staff, parents and grandparents.

I helped to make the bench with Micheal, Jordon, Niall and Bobby. I also helped paint the murals.
I really enjoyed making the bench because I love D.I.Y.\

Mrs Ramsay very kindly gave all the adults cake, biscuits, tea and coffee. Most of the children had juice and biscuits.

By Caillin Broatch, P7 Eco Rep.

ps.Thanks to Miss Galbraith for news report.

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