27-04-05 High Tide and Gales Forecast
RFA Sir Tristram is still anchored off Carradale Bay although I see they've turned the ship around, presumably to face into the wind. The weatherman tells us there is a storm blowing-in off of the Atlantic tonight so it'll be a case of battening down the hatches and hanging on tight.

As you can see from the picture, today's tide is quite a high one, probably one of the highest I've seen since moving here last summer, and was just starting to come over the riverbank down at Waterfoot.

Down in Campbeltown this morning they were busy loading a freighter with windmill towers manufactured at the nearby Vestas Celtic factory. Each tower is brought through the town to the pier where it is loaded aboard the ship.

Also in town for a few days and tied up alongside the RNLI Lifeboat is the HMRT Golden Cross.

This is a Navy recovery tug and one of the oldest in the fleet.

She was the official escort for the Royal Yacht Britannia when she made her final journey north.
The lifeboat went out whilst I was in town this morning.

I don't know whether this was in response to a distress call or for a training exercise.

Anyone know?

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