27-03-05 Welcome to British Summertime
[Easter Bunny]
Here in Carradale the Easter weekend marks the start of the tourist season with the caravan park fully occupied and the various B&Bs and hotels going into higher-gear.

Several more pleasure boats have found their way into the water after being laid-up for winter and there were sailing boats to be seen in the Kilbrannan Sound.

Another reminder for the Easter Bunny Hunt tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Starting at The Network Centre from 11am the Easter Bunny will be out and about in the Carradale Forest. Last entries taken at 2:30pm.

I hope everyone remembered to put their clocks forward this morning as the first day of official British Summertime dawned grey and cool after several days of mild sunny weather.

The progressively lightening evenings take a leap forward now that we're an hour ahead but it's still a nuisance to have to go around the house changing all the clocks. Each year the number that need changing gets less as more devices take care of it themselves.

The computers, mobile phones, satellite decoders, global positioning receiver, and even my bedside clock have happily skipped forward an hour without any manual intervention leaving only the dumbest of devices at the mercy of my fingers.

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