26-10-07 EKWFT Grants
East Kintyre Wind Farm Trust]It was an interesting meeting of the East Kintyre Wind Farm Trust committee on Thursday evening, when they met to discuss applications for the autumn tranche of funding.

Both Peninver and Carradale village hall committees were requesting the second halves of their already agreed grants for renovations to their respective buildings. The amounts agreed for these two groups were 3000 and 2500 respectively.

Carradale Activity Play Park committee were asking for 250, being half of the amount required to pay for the fireworks for next week's bonfire night celebrations. This was granted in full.

Carradale Tourist Group had asked for 532 in respect of providing tubs and flowers around the village, which was also met in full.

Myself, in association with EKCC, had asked for 135 to purchase dispenser bags for the two dog litter bins at the western end of the village, and was pleased to be granted this amount. [GoatNote: These have now been ordered and are expected to arrive early next week.]

Carradale Golf Club had need of a replacement for their tractor, used to mow the course and greens. They wanted 3000 towards a total cost of 9987. In addition to being used by the golf club they were happy for it to be used for other community purposes such as maintaining the Bay Road, and were granted their full request.

Carradale and District Seniors Social Group were asking for 400 towards their running costs, which they were duly granted.

Two late applications were then considered, both outwith the immediate area:

Argyll FM wanted help with paying for repairs to their transmitter mast. The sum requested was 1250 towards a total outlay of 2500. It was understood that they would be applying to West Kintyre Wind Farm Trust for the other half. Discussion ensued as to whether a grant should be given in view of the fact that due to poor signal strength most people in the East and West Kintyre areas are unable to receive their broadcasts. It was eventually decided to grant them 625 with the understanding that they might receive the same from WKWFT and apply for the remainder from the Campbeltown Common Good Fund, where most of their listeners are located.

The final application was from Campbeltown Picture House who were asking for 1000 (of a total of 2000) to help pay staff wages during the period whilst the cinema is closed for roof repairs. Criticism was raised as to the nature of the application, with the suggestion it would have been more favourably looked-upon had it been for a different use. It was also raised that only a small number of people in the East and West Kintyre areas make use of the cinema, due to distance, and that it was the people of Campbeltown who would benefit the most. Agreement was eventually reached that they would be offered 500, rising to 625 if it were to be equally matched by WKWFT, and the balance to be applied for from the Campbeltown Common Good Fund.

Total grants made came to 11,092 with the remainder being transferred into the Common Good Fund for future projects, bringing its balance to more than 44,000.

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