26-07-08 Quiz Update
There was a very good turn-out last night for the annual Carradale Quiz in the village hall.

Teams of four, comprised of residents and visitors to the area, competed over ten hard-fought rounds on a variety of subjects including Stamps, Music from the Films, Advertising Slogans, and Numbers.

[Smiley]As ever there were a number of disputed answers but the quiz master's decision has to be final in these situations [even when he's wrong.]

The winning teams were as follows:

1st Place: Mixed Bag with 92 points

2nd Place: Mike's Morons with 88 points

3rd Place: The Captain's Table also with 88 points

There was a tie for 2nd place and so was the result was decided by a tie-breaker.

Putting on a quiz does takes a huge amount of preparation and effort, though, and I'm sure everyone appreciated that last night. Certainly everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Special note also needs to be made of Ann Currie's home-made confectionary, which was delicious. Thank you Ann.

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