26-06-06 PS Waverley Passes By
Sunday saw the paddle-steamer Waverley visit Lochranza and Campbeltown for a tour out around Sanda and the Mull of Kintyre. The weather was again sunny and warm, just perfect for the trip.

Aside from the sights of Sanda and the Mull, my correspondent tells me they also came upon two submarines on the surface, out beyond Davaar Island. I gather HMS Vigilant was in the area but does anyone know what the other submarine was, and why it appears to be receiving assistance from another ship?
[PS Waverley at Campbeltown][Submarine beyond Davaar]

From: Ann Conifey
26 June 2006
Subject: Happy Campers

The journey was OK didn't meet any problems getting there and only had a couple of hairy moments coming home. We met a delivery wagon just outside the village, but he did his utmost to get to the verge to let us past. We did have to do a quick stop when a car with a couple of lads, who were "driving like they stole it", came round a blind bend. The car didn't have Scottish plates so didn't think he was local. Fortunately neither at our bogey spot of Grogport.

Tried the Ashbank take home service and can honestly say that we thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought it was good value for money.

From: Linda Higgins
Date: 26 June 2006
Subject: Happy Campers

Kevin Is talking out of his nether regions. We have been coming to Carradale for 5 years and have only ever been met with friendliness and courteousy on the roads. It's his sad loss to give up coming to a place of such rare beauty for such paltry reasons. Sorry I'm moaning but he's got right up my goat. ( Carradale naturally.) Lin

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