26-05-08 Bank Holiday Bulletin
[Carradale AFC]Carradale AFC's match against Lochgilphead Wanderers on Friday night ended in a 2-all draw.

Afterwards both players and supporters retired to the Glen Bar where there was a presentation of tropies for last year.

Player of the Year went to Ian Glabraith with the Young Player of the Year award going to Gregor Croll.

So far, so good. Carradale AFC's season has started well with a good away-win and holding a stronger side to a draw at home.

[Carradale Cricket Club]Yesterday's cricket match ended much closer than many might have expected.

The visitors left Carradale chasing a total of 171 runs when the first innings ended.

As the afternoon wore on they stood the pressure to come within 40 runs of victory before running out of batsmen.

The weather for both football and cricket was superb, with sunny conditions augmented by a breeze that kept the ravenous midhges at bay.

Carradale CC's next match will be in a fortnight and away at Oban.

Whilst the south of England has been enjoying heavy rain anyone on Carradale Beach this weekend could be forgiven thinking they'd been transported to the Bahamas!

The weather here has been nothing short of outstanding. Blue sky and sea; sunny and warm. The forecast is looking good for the next few days as well.

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