26-05-05 Quick Grab That Rope
Twas an unsettled day today with sunshine, showers, and quite strong winds at times.

High tide was around 3pm and we'd hoped to go out on the boat but the sea was too rough to risk it with the little ones aboard.

Fun was to be had by anyone down at Waterfoot as when tying up I managed to let the boat get away from me. She was still moored at one end so couldn't go far but the landward end of the line slid away while I was watching what the kids were up to.

I quickly dashed home and returned wearing a wetsuit and with a paddle managed to nip out in one of our kayaks and pull the boat off of the old breakwater where she'd run aground and back onto the water. It wasn't without a fair bit of cursing though.

On another tack Gordon Goldie has emailed a splendid photo of the feral goats out at Carradale Point. You can see this by following the 'Picture Gallery' link from the main menu. Thanks Gordon!

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