25-12-05 Merry Christmas
[SantaMerry Christmas, everyone!

No sign of any snow yet but the Christmas Party at The Glen on Friday night went well with good company, good music, and good food available all night.

Power cuts on Christmas Eve caused a bit of concern but electricity was soon restored, after a couple of false re-starts.

We've also added a few new pictures to the bygone photo's section. One of these features the crew of the fishing boat Mhairi Bhan during the 1950s and we'd love to know who each of the individuals is or was. Another shows the Studio at Waterfoot, and the last new one is of the harbour on the day the new pier was officially opened.

From: JD
Date: 23 Dec 2005
Subject: Carradale East Fire

I would like to add a true account on your post re: living room well ablaze ( not so).

On arrival the Carradale firefighters were confronted with a small fire damaged smoke filled living room which had extinguished itself due to lack of oxygen, the occupant going to bed and shutting the door behind them.

Yes, there could have been more serious consequences, but luckily not this time due to an observant passer-by.

As with normal practise when the Carradale unit is paged, a Campbeltown unit, or Tarbert is tasked also as our standby which we can put a stop to if we do not need their assistance. Up to thirty minutes is their standard time to be on scene (Campbeltown).

From that I would like to remind everyone to switch off all electrical,gas appliances and christmas lights etc. before going to bed or out, especially at this time of year.

[Thank you JD, now amended.]

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