25-09-10 Glide The Clyde
Local girls Morag and Karen raise money for charity by doing a daredevil glide.
We would like to say a huge thank you to every one who sponsored me and my sister, Karen, to zip slide across the Clyde on the 15th August. It was a huge personal challenge for me as I am absolutely terrified of heights but I did it - I zipped 1000ft across the Clyde from a 150ft high crane and we raised 450 - the whole event raised over 25000 which will be of great benefit to the charity CLIC SARGENT (which stands for Cancer and leukaemia in childhood).
I work as a staff nurse in the Schiehallion cancer unit for children in Yorkhill hospital and know the unit could not function properly without the involvement of CLIC Sargent. The charity funds our parent's accommodation, providing a "home from home" for the families of long term patients or for those who live outwith Glasgow. It also provides funding for a play specialist who helps make the wee ones stay in hospital more fun and less stressful. Funding is also given to employ specialised outreach nurses who visit the children at home,providing much needed support and advice. The outreach nurses also make it possible for the parents to take their child home when treatment is no longer an option, and make their final days as comfortable as possible.
That's the reason why I decided to do the zip slide for CLIC SARGENT.It's a super charity and I experience every day the fantastic work they do.It's my way of thanking them for everything they do and not only for helping the hundreds of children with cancer and leukaemia but also for helping to make my job easier too!

Morag and Karen Ramsay (Portnastorm)
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