25-08-10 Camera Club News
The Exhibition of the 10th year of the CLUB has again shown a wide range of work of considerable variety - of pictorial and technical quality, mostly in the same print!

Browsing the show, ther were few prints, if any which one would have rejected,but most encouraging were excellent prints from juniors - by our definition,primary 5 - 7 age.This gives hope of establishing a junior section in the club this coming session, where experianced members can help with all steps involved from click to print.This applies equally to anyone interested in converting their photographs of images stored in the camera or lying on a card in a drawer into prints comparable to what was on show.

The club is for everyone, the first meeting of the next session being on Monday 6th September at 7.30pm in the Network Centre Tearoom with fortnightly meetings after that, dealing helpfully with all aspects of photography, digital and traditional for complete beginner to experienced.In addition to advice and help, the club also has available the necessary tools of the trade - printer, scanner, mount cutter and more.

Thinking of joining us! J A McLay.

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