25-08-05 Broadband Goes Live
Heard from a friend that their Broadband internet connection was finally enabled yesterday by BT. That's the first I'd heard of but it's good news as I have an appointment for Friday for ours to be done too.

It seems like we've been waiting forever for Broadband. The exchange was supposed to have been activated at the end of July but engineering delays have meant is it now nearer to the end of August. Campbeltown and other parts of Kintyre have had it since Christmastime.

If you're still unsure about what to do about getting Broadband then firstly you need to speak to BT about having your telephone line setup to receive it. Unlike dial-up modem services you can't just plug an ADSL modem into any socket and it'll work - BT have to do some fiddling at the exchange and may need to visit your house too.

You'll also need an Internet Provider. You may be able to carry on using the one you use at present but it's worth shopping around as there are some very good deals available at the moment. Demon, Zen and Tiscali are all companies I have heard good reports of.

UPDATE - There's been a steady stream of emails through the day as more Carradale residents report their Broadband connections coming on-line. Anyone for a networked game of Quake Arena?

From: RabHutch
Date: 23 Aug 2005
Subj: Fishing

I Heard there was some welcome rain last week do you know if any salmon or sea trout were caught in the river as I know the fish have been waiting patiently in the bay for some rain so they can run upriver.
Cheers Robert..

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