25-02-08 Parking Embargo at Carradale Quay
The March 2008 edition of The Antler has been dropping through letter boxes this week, bringing with it news and accounts of current events in the village.

Quoting from The Antler, reporting upon the last EKCC meeting:

"The expected highlight of the night turned out to be yet another 'power failure', although the litigants made a strong case for the ability to park outside their own houses, an acceptable privilege denied by the owner of a larger number of vehicles and trailers, who insisted that he had to leave them outside their houses because the bus needed room to turn outside his house & shop.

As a member of a family originally from the north-east of Scotland, he tried to endear locals to his view by allegedly claiming that the litigants were 'in-comers' and should move back where they came from. When asked if his trailers could be moved to the car park across the road, he showed his unique talent for subterfuge by stating, quite correctly, that trailers were not allowed in the car park and in any case he wasn't prepared to discuss the matter.

The families affected by his cussedness are now prepared to pay upwards of 60 to have a designated residents parking area outside their houses. They showed commendable restraint in dealing with the evasive answers of the intransigent fishing boat owner and in resisting the temptation to 'deal' with the alleged comments in more direct ways.

The Chairperson now has to decide, with Argyll & Bute Council and Strathclyde Police, if an alternative would be to have double no-parking lines placed on both sides of the road at the harbour.

If this is the outcome, not only will all residents and harbour users have to move their vehicles to the car park, but the aforesaid fishing boat owner, by his own argument, will have to move his trailers elsewhere on what he describes as his 'tidy' premises."

[GoatNote: With thanks to the editor of The Antler for the use of the photos and permission to reproduce this article.]
[Trouble at the Quay, Carradale][Trouble at the Quay, Carradale][Trouble at the Quay, Carradale]
It's not just down at the quay where parking is an issue. Limited spaces at Airds, Tormhor and Woodside all cause problems for residents.

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