24-08-07 Fire and Brimstone
There was excitement tonight when the 5pm bus for Campbeltown caught fire in Carradale.

Carradale fire engine were first on the scene and rapidly went to work tackling the fire on board the West Coast Motors single decker. A second fire engine arrived from Campbeltown shortly after.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, nor the status of any casualties, but hopefully we'll have more information later.
[West Coast Motors Ablaze in Carradale][West Coast Motors Ablaze in Carradale]
Many thanks to our Tormhor Correspondent for the pictures.

Update: The Carradale Crew quickly brought the fire under control, such that it was later possible for the bus to be recovered to Campbeltown under it's own power. I'm pleased to report there were no casualties.

It could have been a different story, however, if it weren't for Carradale's fire engine arriving on site so quickly. If it had been necessary to wait for the engine from Campbeltown then surely the vehicle would have been completely burnt-out.

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