24-06-11 Carradale Goat Website Down
Apologies for interruption with the website which went offline Thursday sometime.

This was outwith my doing and down to the hosting company doing some changes to their system.

Thanks to Gary for his help in getting us back online again.I have one or two back blogs to post between the 17th and 23rd then hopfully all will be normal again.

* On another issue, question about the Guestbook from a past annual holidaymaker and loyal supporter of the Goat,what has happened to the messages which are very frequent now.

[In answer to your question Brian,yes the volume of the online messages may have dropped, but i still receive some others which remain in the private sector being just personal to myself.Thanks Brian (Davidson) for your comments.JD]

* Posting of information and news,again if any group, business or organisation has some item or news,e-mail me please because I do not always notice some local postings or whatever, hence some late blog posting on the site.If you have posters please send them in jpeg format.

* And lastly

Thanks to all of you out there who have supported me since taking over the Goat website,in our third year now, has been a bit hectic and time consuming, but then thats life, the joy of voluntary service to your community and further afield :) Right whats next for posting!!!!!!!!!

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