24-06-07 Are Days Numbered For Carradales Goats..
Could the days be numbered for Carradale's herd of feral goats?

The subject of the goats was raised by Carradale Golf Club at the last meeting of the East Kintyre Community Council.

For some time now there have been problems with anti-social behaviour by the goats: invading people's gardens, eating plants and causing damage. The golf club asked whether the council could investigate some kind of goat-proof fencing.

Another suggestion from the floor was a culling of the male goats to reduce numbers.

What do you think? Are there too many goats out at the Point? I was told today that the herd currently stands at at least 38 individuals.

Should they be issued with an ASBO?

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Football Results

A disappointing result for Carradale AFC when they played Southend AFC yesterday afternoon, losing by 4 goals to nil.

Carradale struggled to field a full team and whilst there was plenty of goal-mouth action at both ends of the pitch it was the Southend team who managed to get the ball in the net.

Hopefully the cricket club will have better luck this afternoon when they play Mid Argyll at the Wellpark Field.

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