24-06-05 The Star Man Cometh
[Alvin Drew]NASA Astronaut Alvin Drew was in the area yesterday, giving talks to school children in both Tarbert and Campbeltown about his career and experiences. Formerly a pilot with the US Air Force, he was selected for astronaut training in 2000.

A Little Green Man tells me he was very disappointed with his welcome at Campbeltown but delighted by the welcome he received at Tarbert.

Back on earth and the football pitch is looking much better now that it has been mown a few times. The goal posts are in place but being propped whilst the cement hardens. Top marks to all concerned.
[Football Pitch Goals]

[Wind Surfer]
Whilst remaining changeable the weather has been warm enough for this regular visitor to go windsurfing in Carradale Bay this week.

And finally for today, there's just one week of school remaining to the summer term. Both pupils and teachers are no doubt looking forward to a few weeks off.

Schools in Scotland break-up for the long summer holiday a few weeks earlier than down in England, however they also return to school earlier.

From: Robert Hutchinson
Date: 29 June 2005

Hello Gary,
I never seen the windsurfer as i was to busy sunbathing at my caravan the last 5 days as the weather was kind to us with plenty of sunshine.

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