24-04-05 Eagle Spotting and Watersports
[Thanks to Forest Enterprise for the photo]
While out on the motorbike yesterday I saw a Golden Eagle, riding the warm air rising above Torrisdale brae. We'd seen distant glimpes that 'might have been' over the last week or two, but this was a closer encounter and there was no doubt.

And before some local suggests, quite hilariously, that a 'white settler' couldn't tell an Eagle from a Buzzard, I can assure you I can. I'm perfectly capable of differentiating betwixt a Buzzard, a Golden Eagle, and a White Tailed Sea Eagle having witnessed all three on any number of occasions elsewhere.
This particular bird was fairly young. Probably only a few years old, going by the wing markings, and is a good sign as there has been some concern that Carradale's long-time resident pair had stopped breeding. Perhaps this is another 'incomer' from Mull or elsewhere.

Meanwhile out in the bay the fine weather had brought out some pleasure boats to enjoy the sunshine and calm water.

Attracting more leisure craft is key to Carradale's economic survival but as anyone who has seen the harbour from the seaward side knows, it isn't a very welcoming sight. A great deal of work has been done to tidy-up the carpark and pier area but there is still room for improvement.

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