24-02-08 Trafficus Dramaticus
Commiserations to Carradale Drama Group but congratulations to Peninver whose performance duly deserved to win last week's Argyll & Kintyre Drama Festival.

Tarbert Academy won the juniors section, but then they were the only entrant. [GoatNote: Whence Carradale Juniors?]
[Trouble at the Quay, Carradale]Matters at the quay appear to be coming to a head.

The Antler reported recently on the subject of parking problems down at Carradale Harbour where residents are finding it difficult or nigh on impossible to park outside their homes due to the number of vehicles some other people are leaving there.

Parking is an increasing problem in Carradale with there being many more cars nowadays than in years gone by.

A full report in tomorrow's entry.

[Crazy Frogs]Also motoring-related, please take care on the roads please.

At this time of year there are a lot of very amorous frogs and toads about the place, and the very last thing on their tiny minds is the Green Cross Code.

Let's try not to squash too many of them as they're really very useful little beasties.

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