23-11-07 Sharply Crisp
A hard frost this morning meant cars needed scraping before people could get off to work, but the clear blue skies continued through the rest of the day, providing a stunning sunrise and the clarity of the air that lets us see all the way across to Arran; picking out cars moving on the roads it is so fine.

With Christmas only a few weeks away Bejewelled are returning to The Glen Bar tomorrow (Saturday) to display their range of jewellery and accept orders. They'll be there between 3pm and 5pm.

Also in The Glen Bar tomorrow, same times, a table top sale of assorted items that the proprietors have surplus to requirements. Come along and enjoy a rummage!

Plenty of activity down at the harbour this afternoon, with fishing boats coming in to tie up and sort their catch.
[Carradale Harbour]
[Carradale harbour][Carradale harbour][Carradale harbour]

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