23-07-09 Quiz Night Results
Winners of the 23rd July quiz night were The Gaels and well done.

The Glen was mobbed tonight with thirteen teams fighting for first place in the quiz.Being busy there was no time to get the team leaders names.

The full results were as follows:
[Quiz Night at The Glen Bar, Carradale]Team Name ScorePlacing
The Gaels49.51st
The Dominos472nd
Fab Four46.53rd
3 Stoodgies45.54th=
Table 145.54th=
Horny Campers455th=
Pheasant Pluckers455th=
Tiddley Peeps44.56th
Us At The Bar437th
Couch Potatoes42.58th
The Zombies38.59th
Ayrshire Campers20.511th

Next week's quiz will be at the same time, same place: 9pm in The Glen Bar, Thursday.
What is printed is what I receive from the Quizmaster.

From: Samantha Reynolds
Date: 28-07-09
Subject:Re:Quiz Night Results


My partner Graham McPherson and I were part of the winning The Gaels team at the Glen last week! The other couple were known to us only as Graham 2 and Val!

It was a very manic night and we were proud to win against such an amazing throng of team!

Samantha Reynolds

Glad you enjoyed it Samantha and well done again.

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