23-05-11 Storm Force Winds Hammer The Country
And some local ladies had a close shave when this tree demolished a car.

Mrs Janetta King of Waterfoot Carradale and her three other lady friends had a lucky escape today.Having just finished coffee and snacks in the local Network tearoom and about to go out to the car when there was a almighty crash as a large part of a adjacent tree fell on and demolished her car.

The photos show the car after the heavy branches were cut back but the damage was done,windscreen,sunroof and rear windows smashed and roof buckled,passenger side door window and door mangled.Thankfully chatting a little bit longer in the tearoom saved someone or all of them from serious injuries as glass was everywhere and a large branch sticking through the passenger door.Talking to Janetta afterwards still a bit shocked, she said it was like a slow motion as it dropped onto the car.

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