23-05-07 Beach BBQ to help kids in Africa
There's a BBQ at the beach carpark on Saturday afternoon to raise money to buy supplies for children in Africa.

Schoolgirl Natasha Sutherland, age 13 yrs, will be travelling from Carradale at the end of June to spend three weeks working with children at the Mthunzi Centre orphanage in Zambia.

She is holding the BBQ to raise funds to buy school equipment to take with her.

The BBQ will be held from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday 26 May 2007, at the carpark on Carradale Bay.

The usual BBQ food will be available: burgers, hotdogs, and soft drinks.

Hopefully the weather will be fair and the midges not too ferocious!

[The Mthunzi Centre]

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